Get a Hollywood Smile with Cosmetic Dental Veneers

If you watched the Hollywood Academy Awards this year, you may have noticed something about all the smiling actors. They all have flawless, white teeth. If you’ve ever wanted a smile as beautiful as theirs, there are options you can consider to get that for yourself. You might want to consider getting dental veneers if… Read more »

A Fluoride Treatment Can Bolster the Mineral Integrity of Your Tooth Enamel

Strong tooth enamel is important for maintaining the health of your teeth, and healthy teeth are an important aspect of maintaining good oral health. If your daily oral hygiene routine is lacking in some way, or if you frequently consume acidic foods and beverages, it can gradually deplete the mineral density of your tooth enamel…. Read more »

A Tooth with Chipped Enamel Needs to Be Repaired to Prevent Future Cavities

Your tooth enamel is composed of densely packed microscopic mineral crystals. This gives your teeth the strength to bite, chew and grind hard foods. As hard as they are, there are some things, like grinding your teeth, nibbling on pens and pencils, or a blow to the face, that can carry enough unnatural force to… Read more »

The Level of Service ADA Dentists Provide

Dr. is proud to be a member of the American Dental Association. Our patients truly appreciate the patient-first promise that and other ADA dentists made as part of the association’s code of ethics. When a dentist joins the ADA, he or she makes five pledges in the ADA Principles of Ethics and Code of Personal… Read more »

An Extracted Tooth Might Need a Bridge Restoration

If you have a tooth that has untreated cavities or damage, it might need to be extracted. While you might be able to adapt to the decreased function and changes in appearance, you could face other complications. This might come in the form of alignment problems because the surrounding teeth alter their positions in response… Read more »

How to Avoid Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a serious and dangerous dental issue that needs to be avoided at all costs. However, that might be a difficult task if you’re not sure how to do so. So, to help you keep your smile free from tooth decay in , , our dedicated dental team encourages you to do the… Read more »

Dental Emergency Tips

Even if you keep up with your oral hygiene and visit our office at least twice a year for your routine checkups, accidents can happen. Knowing what to do in an emergency can mean the difference between saving and losing a tooth. Because of this, Dr. is happy to give tips for common dental emergencies…. Read more »

Don’t Dismiss a Toothache

Teeth that consistently ache or bother you aren’t supposed to be written off; they’re actually very valid causes for concern. A toothache usually indicates something else is going on, and you can’t afford to let a potential problem linger. Here are a few reasons why Dr. recommends you visit us as quickly as possible if… Read more »

The Instructions on How to Properly Floss Your “Fangs”

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you’re not careful, there is a chance the Halloween treats can attack and harm your smile. So, it’s important to take care of your teeth (or fangs if you’re a vampire or werewolf) by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once a day…. Read more »

A Beautiful Smile Starts with Healthy Teeth and Gums

A beautiful smile starts with both healthy teeth and gums. And while you may not know this, one of the main factors in adult tooth loss is gum disease (also known as periodontal disease). How can this be? One of the reasons is that gum disease can be painless, so you may not even be… Read more »