What is a root canal?

Root canal therapy, often simply called a root canal, is an endodontic treatment we may recommend if a tooth is severely infected or damaged. When the dental pulp and tooth nerves, which are located inside the tooth, become injured and infected, it can cause the tooth to die and require extraction. In order to prevent this and save the tooth, Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann will perform root canal therapy. During this treatment, we remove the infected and damaged tissues, including the pulp and tooth nerves. After carefully cleaning the tooth, our gentle dentist fills the tooth with a medicated material and seals it for protection. To fully restore the tooth’s structure and function, we typically cap a tooth with a crown or filling after a root canal in Carlsbad, California.

Does a root canal hurt?

Many patients have heard that root canal therapy is a painful treatment. In reality, however, root canal therapy is usually no more uncomfortable than a normal dental filling procedure. Furthermore, the pain relief you will experience from treating the infected tooth will be much more noticeable than any discomfort you experience from the treatment. To learn more about root canal therapy, and to schedule your next appointment at our dental office, please feel free to give us a call. We are committed to improving your smile!