Finding a Cure for Your Bad Breath

Are you constantly embarrassed by your stinky, odorous breath? If so, we have some suggestions for you! There are many things that could be causing your bad breath, but there are also many solutions that can help you have the fresh, pristine breath you desire. The following list includes the treatments you can try to… Read more »

Avoid Tooth Decay Using These 5 Tricks

Would you rather go to the dental office and hear “Great job” or “Way to maintain a strong oral health” than “You have six cavities” or “You have more cavities than teeth”? If so, we are here to help you turn your appointments around and back in the right direction! Tooth decay is a common… Read more »

Three Tips for Great Toothbrush Care

Are you committed to protecting your smile? Do you make a habit of brushing your teeth every morning and night? Do you even brush your teeth after every meal? If so, good for you—but there’s even more you can do. To ensure that your mouth is as clean and safe as possible, you should care… Read more »

Seven Fun Facts About Dentistry

1. You are not supposed to brush your teeth within 6 feet of a toilet – The airborne particles from the flush can travel up to six feet, so when you brush your teeth within those six feet, you can inhale some of those particles as well. 2. The first toothbrush was manufactured in China… Read more »

What Questions do You Have for Your Dentist?

Everyone has questions for their dentist at one time or another, but how often do you actually think of the questions you have while you’re sitting in the dentist chair? Probably not very often. Here is a list of the most-asked questions to dentists by their patients. Chances are, you have some of these same… Read more »

The Quiet Attack of Periodontal Disease

When you hear the phrase “periodontal disease,” just remember that it’s synonymous with the term “gum disease.” But more specifically, periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease that can become progressively worse and eventually destroy the gums and other structures that support the teeth. Yes, unfortunately, periodontal disease is dangerous to your oral health. It is… Read more »

The Best and Worst Foods for your Teeth

Who doesn’t love to eat food? Our daily schedules revolve around meal times, and if we’re late, our stomachs rumble like alarm clocks to remind us. We all love food, but some of our favorite foods can actually be damaging to teeth while others help protect and build enamel. Want to know which ones? Bad… Read more »

What Do You Know About Dental Implants?

Dental implants are titanium posts that are placed into the jawbone and created to provide a stable foundation for tooth restorations. These implant posts can hold a crown, bridge or denture in place and help you to eat, smile, and speak more easily and with more confidence. Here are some important points to keep in… Read more »

Mint Toothpaste

Have you ever noticed that just about every toothpaste you find at the store is mint flavored? From peppermint and spearmint to Mint Chocolate Trek, Vanilla Mint Spark, and Lime Spearmint Zest; the thing that nearly all toothpaste has in common is mint. Humans can distinguish hundreds of different flavors, so what is it about… Read more »

Freshen Your Breath

Bad breath can ruin a date, cause co-workers to avoid you, and generally be an unwelcomed nuisance. Here are some ways that you can tackle your bad breath and start down the road to minty freshness. Avoid Garlic and Onions: Foods like garlic and onions can be smelled on the breath for up to three… Read more »