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In modern dentistry, various dental restoration treatments are available to fix and repair even the worst of damage in smiles. In several instances, restorations can be used to repair teeth that may have otherwise needed to be extracted. Even if you have teeth that are severely damaged or broken, it may be possible for our dentist to use a restoration treatment and save your smile’s functionality and visual appearance.

Improving your smile includes making sure that any issues that do arise are effectively treated as soon as possible. If your teeth are damaged or if you are unhappy with the unsightly look of your teeth, visit our dentist for a tooth restoration. If you have good oral health but wish to enhance the color of your teeth, you can visit our dentist for a professional tooth whitening treatment. Professional whiteners can eradicate deep stains and discolorations, improving the overall color of your smile. In situations where you want to repair minor imperfections in your smile’s look, we offer dental veneers to cover the front surface of your teeth and transform your smile.

If you are suffering from dental erosion to the point that a cavity forms, you may need a dental filling to repair the decayed area. Alternatively, dental crowns can be used to cap and conceal teeth as well as to add an additional layer of protection. Crowns are designed to completely cover a tooth after any damaged areas have been removed. As with all treatments, it’s important to exercise caution with your teeth, as they are not designed to withstand significant strikes or blows from outside sources.

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