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You are probably aware that having gaps in your teeth is embarrassing. If you would like to deal with a gap in your smile, there are a number of options we recommend considering. For instance, if your gap is relatively small, a veneer or bonding or bonding may the solution you need. You might need to consider a dental restoration if you have a missing tooth. There are quite a few restorations options that could help you, but when you choose your ideal restoration, please remember to consider a dental implant.

It’s important to know that an implant will improve the look of your pearly whites. These restorations are usually made to look like your existing teeth. Implants can also be made to match the color of your pearly whites. Like most restorations, dental implants can also help you chew comfortably again and you should be able to speak clearly-. Speaking clearly can actually be fairly hard to do when you’re missing a tooth because you may struggle to make certain sounds.

Unlike some other restorations, implants can be replaced relatively easily. Implants are also quite durable. Many patients who choose to have an implant placed enjoy the restoration for thirty years. Implants are also easy to replace if they’re damaged. You’ll simply need to care for your implant like you would your existing teeth. If you’re interested in hearing more about a dental implant in Carlsbad, California, please don’t hesitate to call Steven A. Beuligmann, DDS Inc at 760.729.5964. Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann and our team look forward to meeting with you!