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It’s always important to ensure your oral health care habits continue strong for the duration of your life. As long as you are properly caring for your teeth, the better the chance they will continue to be able to care for you. Do you have a cavity? If so, composite fillings may be able to help. Here are some of their advantages:

– For cavities that are often too small for dental amalgams to properly fix, composites can be used effectively and safely.

– When a composite filling breaks or cracks, it does not need to removed, but rather it can be repaired multiple times without the need to ever remove the original.

– Dental amalgams use mercury to fuse the different metals together, but with composites, no mercury is needed, which can cause safety concerns with individuals.

– Dental composites can prevent tooth fractures better than dental amalgams can.

– Oftentimes, tooth decay occurs near the margins of teeth, which can cause drips with dental amalgams, but composites can seal edges much closer to the margins, thus making them more resistant to leaks.

If you are worried you may have a cavity or would like a professional cleaning to help prevent against cavities in the future, please contact our dental office by calling 760.729.5964. Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann and our team in Carlsbad, California, are here to help your smile for many years to come. We offer both amalgam and composite fillings for our patients!