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If you have not already done so, now is a perfect time to make sure your smile is complete for the new year. The best way to enhance and upgrade your smile is to fill out any voids and gaps that are caused by missing or lost teeth. One highly effective tooth replacement prosthetic to consider is dental bridges. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if dental bridges can improve your smile.

– Are you aware that if you wish to enhance the aesthetic of your teeth, dental bridges are a good choice?

– Do you know that permanent tooth replacements such as dental bridges can help improve your ability to chew and eat?

– Have you heard that if you’re looking to enhance your dental profile with the use of a tooth replacement prosthetic, dental bridges can improve speech?

– Are you aware that dental bridges have proven to be effective for space maintenance with your teeth?

– Do you know that all incomplete smiles need to be improved with a smile restoration to replace any missing or lost teeth?

– Have you heard that if missing teeth are not filled in with a service such as dental bridges, tooth slippage can occur?

– Are you aware that dental braces can lower your risk for numerous oral health ailments including gum disease and can increase the rate of tooth decay?

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