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Accidental falls or an unexpected blow to the head can potentially cause you to bite down on your tongue, cheek, lip, or other soft oral tissues. In these moments the pain and potential bleeding can be very distressing. Yet it’s important to keep a cool head while administered first-aid and seeking professional treatment from our dentist, Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann.

If you have unwanted debris or excess blood in your mouth, you might be able to gently rinse it away with a little bit of lukewarm saltwater. This might also help soothe injured soft tissues. Gently applying a small amount of topical oral anesthetic or taking a standard dosage of an over the counter pain medication might also help reduce some of the pain.

Minor bleeding can sometimes be managed by wrapping the wounded area in sterile gauze and pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth.

If the injured tissues are bleeding excessively or you’ve somehow bitten through the soft tissues, you should not delay in seeking care at the Emergency Room or from a trained oral care professional like Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann.

If you are in the Carlsbad, California, region and you have just suffered a significant oral trauma, you should consider calling 760.729.5964 to seek emergency treatment at our office.