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A dental bridge can enhance your oral health. Dental bridges are used to take the place of lost or missing teeth that leave empty spaces in your mouth where teeth once were. Over time, this space can result in an assortment of oral health ailments that can affect your other teeth as well. Protect your smile by filling in the gap with a replacement service like dental bridges.

Missing teeth can damage your smile in ways well beyond aesthetics reasons, as your gums and jaw will suffer as well. If your jaw lacks enough teeth to hold on to, they can weaken and deteriorate over time. Your gums will loosen from the tooth loss, which can result in tooth slippage of other healthy, neighboring teeth. The gap created by missing teeth can also be a hidden recess for harmful bacteria to fester.

Dental bridges work by using an artificial replacement to place into the missing gap. Without the need to be held in place by bonding cement or screws, dental bridges can be directly linked to nearby teeth for an extremely durable hold. With adequate care, a dental bridge can keep your smile strong for a lifetime’s worth of use.

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