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Replace missing or lost teeth with dental bridge therapy. Dental bridges are a superbly effective form of tooth replacement therapy designed to accurately fill in voids left behind by missing and lost teeth by directly attaching to nearby or neighboring teeth for a durable hold that will last. Dental bridges look natural and will strictly match the natural look of your teeth. Listed below are just a few of the incredible benefits that dental bridges can provide:

– Missing teeth can cause a wide variety of oral ailments such as impaired speech and chewing abilities. Dental bridges can help restore these functions to their fullest.

– A smile with missing teeth can make you look older and weaker. To improve the visual appearance of your face, use dental bridges.

– Dental bridges may be artificial replicas of missing teeth, but they are designed to look normal and natural.

– Gaps caused by missing teeth in your mouth can cause nearby teeth to shift and can result in plaque buildup and an increase in tooth decay. Reduce these risks by filling in empty gaps with dental bridges.

– Dental bridges typically last anywhere from a decade to a lifetime of use before they will need to be replaced.

If you are looking for dental bridge treatments in Carlsbad, California, Steven A. Beuligmann, DDS Inc would love to help. For a more thorough examination to determine which tooth replacement treatment will work best for you, you can schedule an appointment with Dr. Steven A. Beuligmann by calling our dentist office at 760.729.5964. A full smile is your first step to a brighter, healthier lifestyle that can improve your life for many years to come.