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Who doesn’t love to eat food? Our daily schedules revolve around meal times, and if we’re late, our stomachs rumble like alarm clocks to remind us. We all love food, but some of our favorite foods can actually be damaging to teeth while others help protect and build enamel. Want to know which ones?

Bad Foods for Teeth

  • Potato chips
    Sports/energy/soft drinks
    Dried fruits
    Hard candies
    Ice (if you chew it)

Good Foods for Teeth

  • Milk, cheese, plain yogurt
    Meat, poultry, fish
    Leafy greens

The bad foods listed above can feed plaque, stick to teeth longer than other foods, damage tooth enamel, dry out the mouth, or even increase the risk of mouth cancer in the case of alcohol. The good foods, in contrast, protect and rebuild tooth enamel, promote gum health, stimulate saliva production, or help clean teeth. The best way to have healthy teeth is too have a healthy diet overall. Regularly consume the good foods while avoiding the bad ones in frequency or excess.