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If your smile develops tooth decay or suffers oral trauma, it can result in a lost tooth and the need for restorative dentistry to regain your original smile as much as possible. One of the popular options to replace a missing tooth is to receive a dental bridge. We provide further insight into the nature and popularity of dental bridges as a tooth replacement option.

A dental bridge is a singular appliance that is used to fill a gap in your smile have you lose or remove a tooth. The appliance uses a false tooth or teeth to fill the gap, and this tooth is fused to dental crowns on either side that are anchored to nearby teeth in order to provide stability so that the bridge can offer the look and feel of a normal tooth without sliding around.

There are many benefits of dental bridges that make them a very popular solution to replace missing teeth. Due to their natural appearance, they can improve the look of your smile appearance, and their strength enables them to provide an even bite force so that a misaligned bite doesn’t result in too much stress on the other teeth or jaw muscles.

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